What does “Moomkin.kz” mean?
The word ‘Moomkin’ means ‘possible, doable’ in Kazakh language. During the creation process of Moomkin.kz it became our goal to establish space in the web where limitless opportunities for talented and hard-working professionals come alive. This is a networking site for those people, to whom their occupation is nothing but passion. Connections are opportunities! With Moomkin.kz – it is Possible! Doable!

How could I change my personal information/credentials?
You could change your personal information on Profile page. Go to ‘Profile,’ click on ‘Edit,’ and from there you could change your personal information.

How could I change my e-mail/password?
You could change your e-mail/password on Profile page. Go to ‘Profile,’ click on ‘Privacy Information,’ and from there you could your e-mail/password.

I am not completely assured about security of my personal information. What measures are taken to keep my personal information secure?
Safety and security of your personal information is our main priority! Everything else is secondary. We utilize the most advanced technology to protect your personal data. Your personal information will never be distributed, sold, or published outside of our website. Functionality of ‘Privacy Information’ allows you to choose and control your own privacy settings within the site.

How is Moomkin.kz different from all other similar social networks?
We are not the first, and we are not the last! There are several analogous websites on the Internet. However, Moomkin.kz strategically places its focus, energy and resources on the development business connections and relations within Kazakhstan. Moomkin’s leadership and development teams are from Kazakhstan. We fully understand the demands of Kazakhstan’s business world, and all the nuances of conducting business, developing contacts, and becoming successful there. Our goal is to unite the country.

What opportunities are available to me on Moomkin.kz?
Here are some of Moomkin’s opportunities at your disposal:


  •     Create your own business circles;
  •     Reunite with former colleagues;
  •     Create new important professional connections within and outside of your industry/line of work;
  •     Meet potential clients, find business partners, and employers;
  •     Search for new business opportunities and expansion;
  •     Share your knowledge, educate others, exchange your know-how – open some new doors;
  •     Find new employment opportunities, delve into your own succession management, expand your business;
  •     Develop your own social capital because “Connections are Opportunities!”
  •     In addition, read the library of our success stories: our weekly interviews with domestic and foreign businesspeople, innovators, and government leaders. This section allows you to learn from their recommendations, advices, and mistakes. You could even ask questions and share your experiences and ideas via ‘Groups’;
  •     One of the most innovative functions that differentiate us from the pack is an ability to create, format, and print your real-life professional resume. Try it and we promise that it will look more professional than what you have right now!


Who is Moomkin’s main audience?
Moomkin’s main audience is:


  •     Professional businessmen and businesswomen with an interest in expanding their professional circles;
  •     Job seekers and those in search of their continuous career/business development;
  •     Recruiters, hiring and talent seeking agencies;
  •     Driven individuals who have a determination to find the right people in any business areas, which, in real life, is quite challenging to do!


How could I delete my profile?
Please submit a request to delete your profile to info@moomkin.com. After we verify an authenticity of your request, we will delete your profile from the system without saving your personal data.

Why join/create ‘Groups’?
‘Groups’ connect various professionals by certain skill sets and common interests. This is where users who join ‘Groups’ could communicate and share their experiences within their professional circles. For example, if you are a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) you could either create or join an existing ‘Group’ to share your knowledge and experience with other novice professionals in this field, to assist others in exam preparations, and to provide your point of view in managing projects successfully.

How could I publish a job opening?
Once you register on our website, you could publish a job opening. It is very important to make sure that your profile is 100% complete, so that other candidates could view the details of the company that you represent. Then go to section “Job Vacancies” click “Publish Job Vacancy,” and fill out the information. Upon completion, interested job seekers could send their profile information that pertains to your job opening. This step will allow you to view submitted profiles.

How could I apply for a posted job opening?
You could apply for any interested job openings by clicking on “Reply to Job Vacancy.” You could also compose a brief message to your potential employer. Employers automatically receive your message, view your profile, and even upload and print your resume, if your profile is complete 100%, a very important side note.

I have a different question not covered above!
If your question is not answered in our above FAQ section, please e-mail it to help@moomkin.com

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