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Interview with Yenlik Baimukhanbetova - Founder of Asia's Fastest Growing Network for Professionals

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Press-release | 06.06.2012

Moomkin team announces the official launch of, a social network website for professionals in CIS (formally known as the Soviet Union). This exclusive project was originally launched as a beta-version at the end of 2011, and close to 10,000 of professionals in various fields have signed up to date. The company strategically set a target on Kazakhstan, the second largest territory after Russia, as the initial country of choice for the launch.

The word “Moomkin” means “Possible" in Hindi and Kazakh languages.’ priority is to create limitless opportunities for talented, professional and hardworking people, for whom their business and career is a passion. It is the first professional network site in Kazakhstan, through which people can share business ideas, knowledge and build their networks of connections. The platform includes a complete set of advanced features, such as, creating a business profile and generating a professional resume from it, job search and job posting, promoting and signing up for local events and conferences, reading interviews with industry leaders, and interacting with the like-minded professionals in Groups.

“At the moment there are no resources in Kazakhstan that provide opportunities to establish professional business networks," noted Yenlik Baimukhanbetova, a founder and a project manager of “Professionals are limited to their close circles of contacts and seek for business networking opportunites from different resources. An online business network provides tremendous opportunities for a professional development. Our goal is to unite local professional communities and business people, and to provide opportunities for their network expansion, and simultaneously, save their valuable time by offering necessary features in one place. “

The number of internet users in Kazakhstan is growing exponentially. This creates a large demand for valuable resources and helps building a social capital. A Beta version that ran for about six months had proven to the team that the demand is there. Initial number of users grew organically by way of joining Moomkin groups on other established social sites, and voicing their constructive criticism. This helped the team learn about the potential target markets. slogan is “Connections = Opportunities.” This slogan was chosen by the team not by coincidence. “We hope that the emergence of would provide our users with a powerful tool to connect to the right people and to create new opportunities for themselves,” stated Yenlik Baimukhanbetova.

Even though there are similar business resources available on the Internet today, focuses all its attention, efforts and resources on the development of a local professional network. developers are professionals from Kazakhstan with an international experience, who, unlike anyone else, understand the needs of fellow professionals, and willing to contribute to the development and achievement of their success. The team believes in “think global, act local” position, rather than “one format fits all”.

The founders of the project continue to pay a close attention to the user-data security, and continue to develop new features that will be announced in future releases. An English version of the website will be available soon to allow for globalization of the network. This will allow the users expand their outreach to professionals who reside abroad and foreigners who seek professional opportunities in Kazakhstan.

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