The KBTU Entrepreneurship and Investment Center

Группа открытая группа
The Entrepreneurship and Investment Center at KBTU (EIC) serves as a common platform for entrepreneurs, business people, academics and students to network and form the relationships necessary to grow startup companies in Kazakhstan. This is to fill a need currently lacking in the entrepreneurship community in Kazakhstan; while there are significant resources devoted to growing entrepreneurship in KZ, much of these resources are disparate and siloed from each other. In fact, some estimates of the resources invested into entrepreneurship in Almaty to be higher, per capital, then Silicon Valley. The EIC differentiates itself by an open relationship policy. Rather then replicating existing work, the EIC works to connects existing resources together though various events and partnerships. These events include “CEO Chat and Trains”, where local entrepreneurs and successful business people come to KBTU to talk directly to students, to the “Entrepreneurship Party”, where promising young entrepreneurs are presented before business people, media, and investors at a large social event. The EIC also works to improve the process of entrepreneurship training in Kazakhstan, bringing experts from companies such as Twitter and Google to the classroom via interactive conferencing, as well as being among the first universities in Kazakhstan to integrate the Lean Launchpad curriculum developed at UC Berkeley and Stanford.

The KBTU Entrepreneurship and Investment Center


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